Quartz sand

It is used in landscaping, backfilling of sports and children's playgrounds, arranging beaches. Our quartz sand complies with GOST 8736-2014.
Shipment and delivery
Our products are shipped in bulk or packed in FIBCs:
• in open railroad freight cars (departure station - Kyshtym SUR);
• by road (the warehouse is situated at: 5 Borovaya st., Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region).
Sand is designed for use as aggregates for heavy, light, fine-grained, cellular and silicate concretes, mortars, dry building mixes, for the device of bases and road surfaces and bases of runways and runways of airfields, roadsides, production of roofing and ceramic materials, reclamation, landscaping and planning of areas and other types of construction works.

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