The enterprise is located in the Kaolinovy village in the Kyshtym district of the Chelyabinsk region, and the kaolin quarry is located 3 km from the washing plant.

He history of our field development has more than a hundred years and started back in 1910

We have our own source of raw materials. The right to use the subsoil is confirmed by the license issued to Kyshtym Kaolin LLC CHEL No. 2 902 TE

The production design capacity of the quarry for commercial products is 77 thousand tons of raw kaolin per year.
According to the project surveys, proven reserves of the deposit as of January 2018, by reserves category:
B — 1774,5 thousand tons.
C1 — 1019,3 thousand tons
B+C1 — 2793,8 thousand tons
C2 — 459 thousand tons.
Total proved reserves: 3252,8 thousand tonnes

We are the only kaolin watering factory in the country. This gives us the opportunity to create kaolin products that can compete on equal terms with the goods produced by the best imported manufacturers.

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