Our history spans over a hundred years

Back in 1910

The history of our field development dates back to the pre-revolutionary period

The clay lay close to the surface, and it was mainly artisanal mining. The mining took place in a large quarry in the northern part of the deposit, and the raw materials went to the refractory plant.
They searched for everything from metals to kaolin and emery rocks. The main large kaolin quarries began to be developed already in the war years — starting in 1941. And in 1942, the foundations were laid for the enterprise, which in the future would become known as "Kyshtym kaolin".
Employees of the Kaolin plant
In the 1920s, kaolin was not yet exported outside the Ural Mountains. The first geological exploration of a large kaolin deposit was carried out in 1929. During this period, in general, a large number of studies of the earth's interior of the Urals were carried out.


In 1944, construction was completed, and a kaolin quarry mine and a watering factory were put into operation.

Until 1953, there were 3 separate enterprises: the Kyshtym kaolin plant and the Kyshtym graphite factory. In 1953, these enterprises were merged into one - Kyshtym graphite-kaolin plant. And until 1998 these enterprises worked together.

By 1958, a lot of new, advanced equipment appeared in the plant shops. Because of this labor productivity increased and the quality of products improved. Automatic feed of liquid glass into the process, installation of conveyors, replacement of manual spinning filter presses with mechanical and other innovations - all this greatly facilitated the work of the plant's employees. In 1960, a gas filling station was built. In 1963, the first start-up of the forge, working on liquefied gas, was made. The dressing shop switched to gas in 1966.

Аt the end of 1942, the foundation of the Kyshtym kaolin factory was laid on the basis of the Kyshtym "white clay" deposit

All the works were completed by the team in just 3 months. The nearby village was also equipped with conveniences: streets, a school and a kindergarten. Starting with October 1, 1997, the plant was transformed into the Kyshtym Kaolin and Ceramic Plant "Ksanta" CJSC.
In 1974, new production boiler houses were built, and in 1976 a significant reconstruction of the plant was carried out. The old wooden building of the concentrating works was dismantled to the foundation. Instead of it a brick multi-storey building with metal floors was constructed.

The new history of the enterprise began in 2015

At present, we produce kaolin grades KAH-1, KAH-2 (GOST 19607-74), KE-3 (GOST 21286-82), lump and fractionated kaolin chamotte grade ShK-42.

In 2015, 100% of the shares of Kyshtym Kaolin OJSC were bought out by Alliance PK LLC

After 6 months of remedial work, the company resumed production of enriched kaolin in September 2015.

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