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The company has its own laboratory, where a variety of research and product testing is carried out. It is equipped with devices for conducting chemical research: determining the chemical composition and structure of kaolin. We use methods based on chemical reactions in miscible solutions of a substance, and also carry out spectral and assay studies and chemical engineering tests.

The pride of our laboratory is the SHIMADZU EDX-7000 energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer with a range of elements to be determined from sodium to uranium. X-ray fluorescence analysis in the mining industry is used for general screening, impurity analysis of ores and minerals, technological samples, finished products.

How does the analysis take place?


The study sample is irradiated with X-rays

The atoms of the substance included in the sample emit characteristic fluorescent X-ray radiation, which has a wavelength and energy strictly defined for this element
By registering the spectrum emitted by the sample, measuring the intensity of radiation of different wavelengths or energies, the software of the device gives accurate data on the chemical composition of the study material in 1−2 minutes.
An integrated approach to kaolin research allows us to deliver products of good quality

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